I’ll Be Gone Til November

3 09 2009



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Well, not literally but I will be slow(or even slower) posting for a little while.  I’ll be in New York for a few days for the bday (Virgo love!) September 3rd and when I get back will be starting courses for my Master’s (I just love torturing myself) so I am not going to be updating for more than likely a week and after that just here and there.

I’m working on something in the mean time that’s taken up most of my time, I’ll be sharing that soon as well.  Side note, the above birthday cake would be lovely.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


14 08 2009


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“Someone asked me Lady Gaga, do you have a dick? I said yes, and it’s much bigger than yours!”


This is officially the response of the year.  I want someone to top that.

I Swear It’s Not Me

14 08 2009


I saw this picture and thougth it was hilarious, I know I’m always talking about taking desparate measures to have what I want but even I have my limits.

Rare Breeds

12 08 2009


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Thinking About Getting A New Roomate

21 07 2009



I saw this on Afrobella and am trying to figure where I can have this at my house.  This is so gorgeous and only $20.  For more click here.

There Is Something Unexplored In Everything

23 06 2009


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Life Isn’t A Fairy Tale

19 06 2009



This is one of the most clever ideas, Fallen Princesses shows what if Disney fairy tale Princesses dealt with modern day issues and the “happily ever after” was replaced by more realistic outcomes.  The idea and photographs are from photographer by Dina Goldstein  







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