Curtain Call

22 09 2009

curtain call

After a little over a year and a half of Lipstick Lace Brassknuckles, the time has finally come to draw the curtain and take a bow, my curtain call has come and this is my final post.  I’ve been back and forth about stopping the blog for sometime but honestly love blogging and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet like minded readers and get such positive feedback, so I decided to keep it going although it was getting harder for me to keep posting.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on an upcoming project that I’ve been working on for months now that has taken up most of my time and all of my thoughts.

I’m excited, nervous, and anxious to debut my upcoming online boutique featuring vintage and reconstructed pieces I’ve collected which is the primary project I’ve been working on.  Since all of my time has been dedicated to this decided I realized it was time to move to another direction with blogging since I had little to blog about that didn’t relate to my boutique.  While I’m still in progress of launching the boutique (the goal is for late Spring/early Summer 2010) I will be tracking my progress, inspirations and even pieces on my new blog My boyfriend Mike and I will be posting there so PLEASE follow and feel free to email me at

Thank you thank you thank you for anyone that has taken the time to read, follow, laugh at, frown at, appreciate my randomness, and continue to come back to my little space on the internet. While the new blog will be entirely fashion based I’d still love for you to follow me over there.  Of course please follow my people in the blogroll also!

Again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Lori Denae


I’ll Be Gone Til November

3 09 2009



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Well, not literally but I will be slow(or even slower) posting for a little while.  I’ll be in New York for a few days for the bday (Virgo love!) September 3rd and when I get back will be starting courses for my Master’s (I just love torturing myself) so I am not going to be updating for more than likely a week and after that just here and there.

I’m working on something in the mean time that’s taken up most of my time, I’ll be sharing that soon as well.  Side note, the above birthday cake would be lovely.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Another DIY to add to the never ending list

29 08 2009



For those of you that don’t like to carry clutches because your afraid you’ll sit it down and forget it, BOOM! Here you go.  I am assuming with a strong enough needle this can be a simple DIY.  If not, if you have the almost $1,000 to spare, you can get your own Alexander McQueen leather glove clutch.







27 08 2009


(Image Source)

Rihanna’s supplemental Vogue Italia cover is out and I can’t WAIT to get it to see the spreads because if it’s anything like this cover, she murdered it!  I’m disgusted with her right now, in a good way.

We’re In Our Last Days

26 08 2009

I saw this over on Raven’s blog and had to repost, I’m so jealous Dakota Fanning can do this and I can’t.


14 08 2009


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“Someone asked me Lady Gaga, do you have a dick? I said yes, and it’s much bigger than yours!”


This is officially the response of the year.  I want someone to top that.

I Swear It’s Not Me

14 08 2009


I saw this picture and thougth it was hilarious, I know I’m always talking about taking desparate measures to have what I want but even I have my limits.

Be Still My Beating Heart

13 08 2009


I needed an entirely new post for this.  I’m ignoring Agyness and looking at the clothes, my heart is officially…………………………………


To say Michael was ahead of his time during his prime doesn’t even begin.  I was one of the few 80s kids without my own Thriller jacket, only because I was so afraid of  Thriller I couldn’t even eat Ore-Ida french fries because it sounded too much like Ola Rae, but thats a story for another day.  Don’t judge me.




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I’m Seeing Shapes That Haven’t Been Named Yet

13 08 2009



I’ve never been a huge Harper’s Baazar girl but I may have to get this fashion issue.  I’m loving the Michael inspired cover(minus Agyness, not a huge fan of hers)  and this spread.  You know I’m loving the structure of the pieces which makes sense considering the spread is called The New Shapes









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It’s Just The Chicago In Me

13 08 2009



I’ve come to the conclusion that for the rest of my life, thanks to growing up in the weather challenged city of Chicago that the month of August will forever mean 2 things for me……the summer is coming to an end and its time to start looking for fall clothes.   Not that its been ideal weather in LA this summer anyways, but I’m already thinking in terms of fall due to 20 some odd years of Chicago winters that have scared me beyond words. 

Every fall I go through the battle of trying on coat after coat until I find the perfect one that will get me through the winter.  The goal is to find one that has a high enough collar that protects my neck from the wind, is nice and thick and has a rich color.  What ends up happening is when its damn near 0 degrees I get so desperate to just stay warm I’ll walk around in a heated comforter before caring less what my coat looks like. 

I saw these coats in Harper’s Baazar UK and thought how perfect they would have been back when I walked 15 blocks downtown to work in 10 degree weather to allow me to stay warm and still cute.  Well at least 2 of them would get the job done.  The others would be perfect for valet.  Now do you see why I moved from Chicago?  Me and the cold are not friends.  All it takes is a fall/winter coat and I go on a long ass rant lol.


This, for example is perfect.



These two on the other hand wouldn’t see the light of day after December.



This one is perfect for the fall, after that…mehhh.


Staircase Showcase

13 08 2009



I saw this pic on The Selby and immediately had flashbacks of my Mom yelling at me when I was little to stop leaving my shoes lined up going down the side of  the staircase.  I didn’t grow up with many clothes but loved to “showcase” the little I had, and for some reason the stairs seemed like the perfect place.  I didn’t stop until one day I finally tripped over one and completely fell down the stairs….. while holding my little brother.   Lesson learned I would say lol.  At least seeing this lets me know I’m not the only one that thinks its a good idea.



Green With Envy

12 08 2009


From Style and the City.

Rare Breeds

12 08 2009


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Frank & Myrrh

12 08 2009


I am so incredibly excited, anxious and proud of one of my dear friends upcoming jewelry line Frank & Myrrh, which will officially launch August 15th.  The jewelry, which she personally hand crafted showcase her incredible eye for DETAILS.  I’m in love with how she has paid attention to the smallest details, including the clasps.  The jewelry pretty much speaks for itself, every piece is unique and the perfect staple piece.  AUGUST 15th.  Mark the date.   

Also, bookmark her blog to follow her through the creative process and her etsy shop.






500 Days Of Summer

8 08 2009



This was such a cute movie.  I love quirky, witty movies about love so this one was right up my alley, plus I loved the way it was shot.  It’s ironic I’m reading On Love right now because there were a few scenes that were almost identical to ones in On Love.