Pure Sex

2 06 2009


Ever since I saw model Jon K. modeling for Tom Ford’s sunglasses ads I have been in love.  I thought about him this morning because I was driving into work and saw a billboard of him and damn near ran off the road.  He is what I like to call “sex” because that’s all that comes to mind when you look at him.  He isn’t attractive, beautiful or gorgeous, he is just pure sex.  Can you believe he is 24! Well, he at least he doesn’t have me on Chester Molester status.









7 responses

2 06 2009

I want to bite his fucking nose and lips off. He is one sexy mutherfucker. I love you JON K! LMFAO.

3 06 2009

LMAOOOO!!!!!!! I agree, there is no reason anyone should be that gorgeous and not expect to just be ate up, literally lol!!!! I would probably turn into a cloud of smoke if we even made eye contact, just completly disappear.

3 06 2009


3 06 2009

Hummmmmm I think he would make a good werewolf for the twilight series next joint new moon.. lol.. i’m not feeling the sex vibe from him.

3 06 2009
Tina Divina

He is just DISGUSTING!! in the best of ways…lol.

4 06 2009

Ha! My fav word….if I can’t take it then its just disgusting. Pam are you nuts! Wait, your right, he is SEX not sexy lol!

6 06 2009

Oh hes fine, but don’t worry I will forever be in love with David Gandy

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