I took my friends advice and started a blog…after all I needed somewhere to store my random sarcastic comments and somewhere to share my wonderful ability to know random things that will not get me any closer to a home with a three car garage…because I can. So enjoy.

I’m a very complex person that cannot place my particular interests into a specific category because they are so diverse. I appreciate fashion in the form of eclectic sneaker heads to fashionistas and trend forecasters, music in the form Tribe Called Quest, Ghostface, N.E.R.D., Jay-Z, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Beyonce, J*DaVeY,MGMT, The Doors, Janis , Jimi, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Eric Roberson….just to name a few in my ridiculously long list.

Basically to sum me up, I’m a young, educated hip hop head in heels from Chicago living in LA that hopes to bring to you my witty bantering on urban pop culture and entertainment, fashion forecasting tips at AFFORDABLE PRICES, new artists, products and movies you have to know about, and everything else that I feel like….cause this is my sh*t! LOL! So save me as a favorite, and check back frequently!

Please leave me feedback at lipsticklaceandbrassknuckles@gmail.com.  If you have stopped by, give me your feedback!! Oh, and leave comments, and add me to your blogroll, and tell other people. Ok…that’s all:)

And FYI…please do not take any of my random sarcastic comments seriously…if you take everything I say seriously you would be trying to find a way to get me some serious help. Seriously.  It’s only entertainment!

11 responses

20 02 2008
Alexis M.

love your site, you have always had a knack for knowing what is going on in the fashion world. I absolutely love the graffiti shoes and quirky comments you make!

3 03 2008
Marchelle Palmer

I like this site… its really cool… I love all things thats are fashion… bc i feels its an expression of you… fashion doesnt make a person a person makes fashion… I love to wear and do different things.. but i’m more of a glam up type of girls from high heels to dresses to make-up all day everyday… you never know who you might run into … well i will make sure to check the web site back… i hope you are very success in the future and god bless… and one day maybe we could work together: i love fashion you love fashion… so we can go from there…. well eventhou i may not know you I Love You and i will keep you in my prayers… well take care and dont be a stranger… =]

21 03 2008

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9 05 2008

i am lovin your blog i like how its all things fashion and funny also.

keep up the good work i will be coming back!

2 06 2008

very good site and informative,keep up tha good work. if you love celebrity fashion log onto wwww.celebritiescloset.co.uk

13 07 2008
sunquil wooten

your blog is extremely important to men like myelf who also find interest in the female perspective. there are not enough of your kind. we need more females offering their spit on alot of these social, political, & entertatainment based issues. i will definitely spread the word.

oh yea, Jasmine Sullivan is dat shit! have you heard of Joy Denalane??

26 08 2008

I likey.

27 12 2008

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5 01 2009
Lady G

I love your site! Can you find out were Rihanna got the necklace with the Peace signs going down it? Or anything similar to it! thank you!

9 04 2009

Randomly stumbled upon your blog – and I’m loving it!

15 09 2009

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT KANYE AT THE VMAS!!!!?!?!??! I know you are gone but I’m dying! to know what you think since we all know how hard ur crushing hahaha but I hope you are having a good vacay from the blog girl 🙂

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