We’re In Our Last Days

26 08 2009

I saw this over on Raven’s blog and had to repost, I’m so jealous Dakota Fanning can do this and I can’t.

Crazy In Love

8 07 2009

Between spending time with my niece and nephew who are visiting me for a few weeks, my broke ass computer, and being so wrapped up into anything Michael Jackson related, I’ll be a little slow on posting until I get around to having more time to.  Plus, it’s the summer and I’m trying to enjoy the little of it we are having out here lol. 

One thing I have been meaning to post is a short film from one of my best friends, the poetress Tina Divina of her poem Crazy In Love.  I’m so proud to see one of her works transformed to life, if you haven’t please visit her site, she is an amazingly talented and somehow shares a new poem weekly that is better than the last.  Every time I think I found a favorite, she manages to top it.  Leave her a comment and let her know what you thought as well. 

Shawty On A Mission

2 03 2009

I so hope this is the real choreography for Beyonce’s Video Phone video so I’ll have a head start when the video premiers.  This looks like it will be sick, and hopefully not released for about 6 months because that’s how long it will take me to get this one down.

Just Not Safe

23 02 2009

If you listen to this at work, make sure you have on headphones. Matter a fact, just have on headphones no matter where you listen because the wonderful Alexxys K. Tylor goes beyond not for work safe and is pretty much not safe. Period. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I really don’t. All I know is I’m already one step away from being one of those people that walk around with a mask on my face to keep away from germs so I don’t need to hear ish like this. Thanks Nik for this…I think lol!


23 02 2009

I had completely forgotten about this sketch from comedian Rasheed Thurmond from The Bad Boys Of Comedy until I came across it on another site a few days ago.  I was shocked to learn that he passed away late 2007 before this even aired of a heart attack.  So sad, he was one of the only people I even remember from the show and was hilarious.  Check him out below, I laugh harder each time I see it.  The very end with the Jamaican has to be my favorite part.

Is This Going To Be Forever?

4 02 2009

This was so me on the way home from Anaheim a few weeks ago after binging on a little too much Portillo’s.  This child is going to grow up to hate his parents for videotaping this.

He COULD have got it

13 01 2009

There is something very he can get it about Chris Brown until he starts doing ish like this.  I can just imagine him trying to turn you on by dancing for you but instead of doing something nice and slow and sexy he starts gliding across the floor crumping and popping and doing all kinds of hand moves.  Yeah, now that I think about it I’ll reserve that he can get it talk for about 5 years or so when he hopefully brings it down a notch.  Check out Mr Way To Blow The Mood Brown dance to Single Ladies.

Speaking of he can get it, please tell me I wasn’t the only one googling Army Staff Sgt. Derrick Brooks today after seeing him act as a stand in for Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony.