Staircase Showcase

13 08 2009



I saw this pic on The Selby and immediately had flashbacks of my Mom yelling at me when I was little to stop leaving my shoes lined up going down the side of  the staircase.  I didn’t grow up with many clothes but loved to “showcase” the little I had, and for some reason the stairs seemed like the perfect place.  I didn’t stop until one day I finally tripped over one and completely fell down the stairs….. while holding my little brother.   Lesson learned I would say lol.  At least seeing this lets me know I’m not the only one that thinks its a good idea.






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18 08 2009
19 08 2009
25 08 2009
Erlinda Denise

The bookcase at the top is giving me ants in my pants

Erlinda Denise

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