Paris Je T’aime

27 07 2009



This past Saturday I was up until 4am (very uncharacteristic of me) wanting to call everyone I knew to talk about the most amazing movie, Paris Je T’aime.  It came on the Sundance channel and will be back on this Friday so PLEASE check it out, I promise you will thank me. 

The film consists of 18 different short stories by various directors about falling in love in various parts of Paris.  Each story is shot completely differently and shares a different outlook on the part of Paris it takes place in.  The “love” the directors focus on varies from falling out of love, losing a member of the family, differences between races, and even falling in love with Paris itself.  It made me laugh, cry (hysterically) and made me want to get out of my bed to go to Paris immediately.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out, I’m going to watch it again today and I can usually only watch a movie once.  With this one I almost watched it again right after but was too sleepy.




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28 07 2009

I streamed this movie on Netflix several months ago and thought it was just fantastic!
I’m an island amongst my friends in my love for all things French and Paris, so they weren’t especially interested. But, I watched my favorite vignettes again FOR them!
My fav was the older lady that studied french and then went to Paris on vacation by herself. While I don’t consider myself an ..ahem… ‘older lady’, I was inspired and I’ve been getting my french lesson in little by little ever since…’-)
Glad to see someone else loving this movie!

5 08 2009

I’ve told so many people to see this, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I loved the older lady too, she made me want to take a trip by myself and learn french too!

8 08 2009
Erlinda Denise

Thanks Lori! I needed this movie in my life

My fav the blind guy and his girl…I want to look at that one often

Erlinda Denise

11 08 2009

Your welcome! I loved that one too, I’m still so glad i just happened to be up late that night to catch it.

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