I Need Some Summer Reading

22 07 2009



I’ve been beyond slacking when it comes to reading and want to finish a few good books before the summer is up. It was so convenient riding the train in Chicago, I could get through a book a week.  Now I’m lucky if I get through a chapter  a month and even that’s pushing it. 

I just started On Love by Alain de Botton, a friend of mine pulled it out while we were at Bossa Nova and the waitress damn near turned our table over she was so excited, reading quotes and everything. So far I really like it but it’s pretty short so I’ll need  a new read soon.  Any suggestions?




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22 07 2009

“On Love” is a great book!!!! I’m not really sure what your style of novel is but I would recommend reading “Lucky” by Alice Sebold.

24 07 2009

Thank you for the suggestion Elizabeth, I’m going to check that out on Amazon right now. I’m pretty open to reading anything, my style is pretty much anything that is a page turner. The only thing I’ve never gotten into are science fiction books. And Pinkflame I LOVED the Darkest Child, I couldn’t put that one down. It was so sad!! And that’s so funny, I stumbled across Outliers yesterday, I’m going to get a few f his books, I was looking through them on google reader and really liked them.

22 07 2009

The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips is awesome. Also if you like Malcolm Gladwell Outliers was pretty good.

8 08 2009
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