Who Needs Pants?

21 07 2009



It must be the Chicago in me that is making me already think about boots and fall looks even though it’s hot as hell outside right now.  Or it could be that now that I’m in LA I can actually wear little cute fall pieces and not damn near suffer from hypothermia in the process.  This fall I want a pair of crazy high knee boots, so high they are pretty much crotch boots so I can wear them with a little bitty skirt and still only show a little leg. So far I’m having no luck with finding them under $1,000 so I may just have to find the closest thing I can, wrap some leather around my legs and call it a day.  I love these from French Vogue, if I have to I may break down and get a pair….if I can find them high enough I wouldn’tneed pants anyway so I guess it will balance out in the end.  Hmmm.






(Image Source)




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