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17 06 2009




I don’t know what to say except I’m going to have some major projects to work on the next few weeks. The pieces are out of my budget right now (I’m determined to stop spending on anything I think I can take the time to recreate) so I’m going to try some of these myself, once I do I’ll post some pics.  The pieces range from $89-the mid $200’s, click here to check them out.  It’s too early in the morning to have major product lust.


















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17 06 2009

I’m with you – made some chainey shoe things which worked out alright and trying to source correct materials to make me a harness! Got to say the most useful ingredient I have found are those little metal circles that go on keyrings – the make the world an oyster! Good luck x

19 06 2009

That is such a good idea! I can see how that would work, thank you for that suggestion. I want to make a harness too, a real thin chain harness. I noticed in Amerie’s new video she had some type of jewlery dangling from the back of her jacket. Whatever it was I want to try to make as well.

18 06 2009

Dag nabb it… i’m going to have to stop commin here for awhile.. u woke up a deep feeling of lust for several of those items..

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