How Did I Miss This?

14 04 2009


I never claim to be first but thankfully have friends that make sure I’m not the last to know, so thank you Erlinda for putting me up on my new favorite magazine, Lula.  I said I wanted to do dirty things to it (rub it over my body) but instead have it with my stack of  “touch if you want to die” magazines.  I love that there are minimal ads and articles and girly spreads that I want to recreate.  I didn’t come across one picture I didn’t like in the whole issue and loved that there was actually diversity in it.  My only complaint is that they seem to only print 2 times a year.

Click here for the site.  It doesn’t seem like the easiest magazine to get because its from the UK, when I googled it I kept coming across people trying to find it in their area.   Barnes &Nobles seems like the place to go to find it.











One response

18 04 2009

cute!!!!!! Thx I love finding new GOOD mags to read. Im gonna go on the hunt for this one, i loooove the vintage feel to all of the photos!!!!!!!

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