Valentino: The Last Emperor

9 04 2009


“Compared to us, the rest are making rags”~Karl Lagerfeld in Valentino: The Last Emperor

Last night my boyfriend and I saw Valentino: The Last Emperor and loved it.  It goes behind the scenes and shows the legendary Valentino as well others behind the line and in his life.  If its showing in your city check it out, I was trying to take in so much that I felt like I needed to see it again just to take in the fashion and the beauty of Europe.  It was inspiring to see the behind the scenes of such an inspirational figure in fashion and actually see him sketch dresses and his seamstresses create them from the sewing to the beading.  It centered around his 45th Anniversary back in 2007 and whether he was getting ready to retire, as well as his relationship with his partner(they were so cute together) and the history of the line. His quote in the movie that “I love beauty, it’s not my fault” sums up the look and feel of the movie.  I want to see it again now lol.  Check out the trailer below.




One response

18 04 2009

i love that your boyfriend sat through the whole thing. IT LOOKS SOOOOO GOOD!!! I wanna see it..i hope its playing here somewhere!! i love that he had a row of 5 bulldogs aboard the private jet. one day my doggies will get to roll in such style!! ahhhhh!!!!
gonna check the listings…hope its playing here too!!!

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