You Don’t Say

8 04 2009


I came across a post on Partait Amour on make-up artist Pat McGarth but since it was in Spanish only understood “make-up artist” and “$30,000 a day”. After I got back up after fainting over the fact that she makes $30,000 a day for her work, I googled her and was happy to see a black woman has been responsible for the make-up concepts from everyone from Viktor& Rolf, Lanvin, Valentino and Stella McCartney aside from being the Color Cosmetics Creative Design Director for Procter&Gamble. I feel so out of the loop because she is pretty big time.

I love that she was behind the make-up of one of my favorite Vogue Italia spreads.


And this gorgeous pic of Sessilee from the all black issue of Vogue Italia.


Check out more from her





Click here for more on Pat.




One response

9 04 2009

Awww I’m sad you didnt know about Pat she’s a staple in the fashion industry and makeup.

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