Lucky Bastards

1 04 2009



I don’t believe in jealousy, but right now I am not only jealous but envious and wishing stormy weather and hail the size of golf balls on  New Yorkers heading to Topshop when it FINALLY opens tomorrow. 

I may have to start a petition or something for them to open one in LA or Chicago.  It takes forever for anything to get to Chicago so maybe they may consider LA.  Either way, I don’t like you very much right now if your in New York and heading over there.  I hope you trip walking through the doors.  (Just kidding…kind of).

All pics are the first look of the NY store, click here for more.






4 responses

4 04 2009
Tina Divina

Yeah I completelyyyyy feel you, I see some pieces I “mentally” bought on Polyvore… haha

4 04 2009

I’m sooooooo jealous they got one. As soon as I get back to the east coast im heading for topshop and uniqlo. Why is LA behind? On another note I was on Erlinda Denise’s blog and asked her about black hair stylist out here in L A since im having trouble finding someone competent. She said you knew all about hair. Is there anyone you can recommend? Thanks 🙂

6 04 2009

Hey Jenine, Erlinda told me she was sending you over;) Try Jazzyhair in North Hollywood, I belive Sherman Oaks. My stylist is Amber, she is super cool and is amazing, she is really good at styling, cutting and maintaining healthy hair. I found her through B Scotts site because she did his hair as well. Hope that helps;)

6 04 2009

Chicago would be perfect.. I’d go there over NY anyday.

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