Just Not Safe

23 02 2009

If you listen to this at work, make sure you have on headphones. Matter a fact, just have on headphones no matter where you listen because the wonderful Alexxys K. Tylor goes beyond not for work safe and is pretty much not safe. Period. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I really don’t. All I know is I’m already one step away from being one of those people that walk around with a mask on my face to keep away from germs so I don’t need to hear ish like this. Thanks Nik for this…I think lol!




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24 02 2009

I swear this was in the “urban dictionary”
1. Budussy
When something smells like booty, dick, and pussy. Used by Bernie Mac

24 02 2009

How does one woman consistently come up with that many damn quote-ables.

26 02 2009
mikee b

That shit is fucking hilarious……………..

1 03 2009

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7 03 2009

Dude! This shit ……lmfaooooooo!

13 03 2009


13 03 2009

Ok take 2 I commented the 1st time like two minutes into the video I’m not rounding the end and this has got to be some of the greatest viral video I’ve ever fucking seen. This chick is funny as hell..

Hot site mami.

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