Well I’ll Be…

15 01 2009


I actually really like this spread from the February issue of US Vogue, not surprisingly though considering it was shot by Steven Meisel. I still don’t know if that’s enough to get me to buy the issue but they are making baby steps in that direction. This spread is gorgeous though, I love the vintage, Parisian feel and of course the fact that it features Liya and Jourdan. Now only if they can make a habit of spreads like this.






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2 responses

24 01 2009
Tina Divina

Pleaseeeee, after that last rip off of me buying a magazine that was as thick as an ant, lol, I wont be buying any anymore, I shall just be coming to your page Young Lo!! =} and I think Liya is just beautiful, can I have her skin Please…..lol.

10 02 2009

great post! such a pretty good stuff. huh! nice photos, they were all like a dolls to their clothes. very beautiful, and such a nice design.i love it! very colorful. keep posting,


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