He COULD have got it

13 01 2009

There is something very he can get it about Chris Brown until he starts doing ish like this.  I can just imagine him trying to turn you on by dancing for you but instead of doing something nice and slow and sexy he starts gliding across the floor crumping and popping and doing all kinds of hand moves.  Yeah, now that I think about it I’ll reserve that he can get it talk for about 5 years or so when he hopefully brings it down a notch.  Check out Mr Way To Blow The Mood Brown dance to Single Ladies.

Speaking of he can get it, please tell me I wasn’t the only one googling Army Staff Sgt. Derrick Brooks today after seeing him act as a stand in for Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony.






6 responses

14 01 2009

this is the FIRST time i’ve seen Chris w/out Riri lagging behind. excellent.

14 01 2009
Black Girl Thinking

Girl Sgt. Brooks can most def get it.
That man is super sexy, funny hat and all!

14 01 2009

We are definitely best friends!!! He’s supa sexy!

15 01 2009

He got me standin at attention!!

16 01 2009

haha, chris does have ADHD/hyperactivity issues, doesnt he?

and that soldier….mmmmm!!!!! the faux-Mrs. Obama thinks so too, look at how she’s grinnin at him from the side! hahaha!!!!

16 01 2009
Pamela E.

Damn… now Obama is a nice looking man, but he a lil on the funny looking side.. If he wuz this sexxy for real.. Good Gawd i’d be moving to DC and readying my resume for my application to the white.house intern program.

Anything you say mr.president sir.

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