So I’m Not Alone

6 01 2009


I never knew the correct term for magazine spreads and pictures that were one step away from looking like a high end American Apparel ad so I’m glad a site I came across, Supremefreak, gave me a way to describe them as “high fashion porn“.

I don’t know what it is about nekid fashion pictures but I just love them.  Show me a magazine like Maxim though and I just don’t see a comparison.    Anyways, click here to check out the definite NFWS site that features nothing but “high fashion porn” and check out a few below that are kind of safe for work if your job is cool with “high fashion porn“.  I just love saying that.












5 responses

6 01 2009
Rissa E

these are freakin gorgeous! nooooo u cant compare this to trashy maxim or king mag this is the real deal!

6 01 2009
Pamela E.

That first pic had me confused… i wuz like.. why is that pretty lady popping a squat in the closet.

7 01 2009

i think you just like saying “porn”. freak. you’re hiding behind the fact that you’re cute and stylish, but we allllll know it’s naked photoshoots you CRAVVVE! (Preferably naked shoots with nada on except the spikey Louboutins. )
the bride wore black pic is to die for! she’s my new muse…im wearing black on wedding day just because of that photo!

8 01 2009
*B* Fab

That pic with the spiky Loubies in the bathtub is fab! and that one with the cage crinoline is so super glam! love it!

9 01 2009

yes you are not alone. I just thought I was weird.

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