Feather Weight

7 10 2008

So here goes my one Rihanna post of the week which really isn’t about her but uses a picture of her. I’m serious about that 1 Rihanna post a week limit.  Anyways I found a post on fashionista.com and had to share because it looks easy enough for even my lazy ass to do.  With 4 easy steps they walk you through recreating the $765 Elizabeth & James blazer I fell in love with after seeing Rihanna (this better be my last mention of her this week) wearing a few months ago.

I’m going to try this out but knowing my luck I’ll have 4 feathers and a strand of hanging velcro left and then act like that was the look I was going for.

Click here for the entire post from fashionista.com.

For a cute blazer try this one from Victoria Secrets for $128, then follow the steps below to create your own.

– Feather trim, about $10/yd
– Blazer – any will do
– Velcro strip (black), $1 store
– optional: needle & thread

The finished product:

Compared to the real jacket….not bad.




One response

14 10 2008

i just had a more creative vision: weave tracks instead of feathers.
ok, nevermind.

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