Try This: City of Ink

15 09 2008

While I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago I made sure to stop by City of Ink to get tatted up…and am already itching for another.  Click here to visit their myspace page, and check out tattooist Tuki and Miya Bailey’s pages as well.  I got a cover-up by Tuki and was extremely impressed by not only how well he covered up my previous tattoo, but how vivid my color is and the overall tattoo.  This is my tat right after I got it, there is way more color now then shown here.

I’ve been wanting a tattoo from City of Ink for a while considering they are known for their custom tattoos so I’m looking forward to heading back in there and getting more.  If your in Atlanta and tattoos are your thing, make sure to hit them up! And if tattoos aren’t your thing, still stop by because they sell beautiful custom artwork as well.

Here are a few tattoos by Tuki:




8 responses

16 09 2008

Nice! What does it say can’t quite see it…

16 09 2008

omg thats a big tatoo…i know that musta hurt like a motha lol

17 09 2008

It did hurt like hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! And of course I have already forgotten how much and am itching for my next lol. The words don’t show anymore now that the colors have come out, they were part of the cover-up.

17 09 2008

Aaaaaaaahhh…. Miya did my foot tatt last year for my birthday… the shop was being renovated at the time and he knew I was coming all the way from NYC just for him so he did it at the crib… I love him to death… I get so many compliments on it… I will never let anyone but him tatt me from now on

18 09 2008
blah blah blah

I have been in city of ink a couple of times just to look at the art but i’m seriously thinking about getting a custom piece done on my back as well. I have my name on my left shoulder blade and I’m thinking I want something like some flowers or something. I’m not sure I want my name anymore. but yeah their art is the shit!

24 09 2008
Miya Bailey

Tuki did a beautiful job on your coverup….thanks for supporting The City of Ink Movement.

many blessings, Miya Bailey

9 07 2009

nice design. It’s rare to see classy black images in the tattoo world. right on.
I’d love to see a before and a healed after.

I just got some cover up work done by a brother out here in LA. Check out my story.

I got video too.

29 03 2012

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