Original Sample For That Azzzzz

5 08 2008

This one, which is Al Green, I’m Glad Your Mine, is one of those songs that have been sampled by numerous artists. One of the songs that sampled this beat is from my favorite Biggie song, which I’ve mentioned song on the site before. If you know a song that used this beat as a sample, leave it in the comment section. No gifts involved, with Jet Blue charging $7 for a pillow and blanket I may ask whoever names a sample to give ME $7!




4 responses

8 08 2008

Eric B and Rakim sampled from this song…Check out “Mahogany” by the duo….smootches…

10 08 2008

Intro to Lauryn Hill’s Tell Him, Alicia Keys Dragon Days ????

17 08 2008

Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

23 09 2008
Jailbird Jay

Check out Massive Attack – 5 Man Army…
They turned this soulful gem into a dub loop!! Unbelievable but true 😉

P.S. Mahogany is the dopest one…

“…Calm ya nerves, massage ya brain
Each mic is a mineral, poetry’s protein
Verse is a vitamin – Affects like Codine
So tell me how you feel and I’ll reveal
A pill that’ll heal ya pain – ’cause I’m real…”


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