Yung Berg Doesn’t Like “Black Butts”….In Other News….Who Is Yung Berg?

10 07 2008

Yung Berg, the little rapper that sounds like he repeated “Suffering Succotash” one too many times as a child has gone and pissed off a whole lotta people with this comment while appearing on the radio:

“I’m kinda racist … I don’t like dark butts …. You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men. It’s rare that I do dark butts – that’s what I call dark skinned women … I [don’t date women] darker than me.

I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don’t come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool – then that’s not a good look.

Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin'” (Source)

Oh Berg, I would love for you to do a pool test too. The test would be to see if you can stand in the 3 foot end of a pool and not have your head underwater. Everyone is completely entitled to their own preferences in those they date. With that said, I have my own, like preferring that the men I date can say “If Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter picked” without spitting over my face like Al Pacino. Berg cannot accomplish this task.

Seriously though, although his comments are unbelievably offensive, I can’t really be mad at Yung Turd’s comments because I would never expect him to have the mental capacity to come up with an articulate way to explain his preferences aside from what I’m sure took him hours to come up with of….”I don’t like dark butts”.

UPDATE: Click here for his apology, which we all knew was coming.  Hmmm….in the words of Jay…We don’t believe you we need more people.  Twinkle toes your breaking my heart. My page has been getting crazy hits on this fool so let me know what you think about his comment.




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10 07 2008
Countess Lboogie

He’s just epitomized the word “coon” with that statement!

I’m still convinced that Yung Berg is Ice T’s mutant spawn…

10 07 2008

ill…fuck his lil ass then

11 07 2008

WOWWW… i love how he just came out in the last year and blew up off of ONE song.. his new one aint even all that.. i actually cant even listen to it all.. its a nnoying.. wth do u want with his business??????

get a new writer AND mindset

11 07 2008

LMFAO at Suffering Succotash!!! I needed that laugh at this idiot!

11 07 2008

Sad to say but his mindset is how “some” black men feel. Im a dark skinned woman and always get “your pretty for a dark skinned girl”.

11 07 2008
Pamela E.

Who is this fool again ????

12 07 2008

His parents did a bad job in terms of raising him to love himself. Either that or he ignored the lessons they might have tried to impart to the youngin’.

Especially if his mother is a BLACK woman yet he is disrespecting black women. Specifically women who look like his mother. That proves with all the money, education and knowledge of self in terms of knowing who the hell you are as a black man in America is essential for our young black males to love themselves and treat the rest of the Black family with respect and love.

12 07 2008
Mikee B

This dude is crazy as Hell………. Who really listens to this character anyway ???????? My point exactly……. At least it shows me how creative he is……….lmao

12 07 2008
Tina Divina

Let me see this lil mofo out at a club here…I am straight laughing in his face!!! lil F*cker….he comes to like my waist right?? LOLL!!

Great write Lori!!

12 07 2008
roger james

When you are talking through your ass nothing but shit comes out.

The kid, sad to say, is speaking for quite a few black men AND black women. He is pretty bold to say something that assine and on radio. We as a people still have the color issue and will forever have it. Remember, the skin lightening creams are still selling millions of dollars. You see evidence of this kind of thinking on gossip sites when they talk about certain celebs or athletes. If you are a black person approaching certain beauty “standards” you are lauded over. If you don’t people will break you down.

You see people talk about Patrick Ewing, Shabba Ranks as the not attractive one and you have sistas talk about the Boris Kujoes, shamar moores

You have the black men who only go for the halle berry, melyssa ford types and that sista has to have certain kind of hair.

We can’t expect 400 years of mental illness to just disappear. Look at music videos, entertainment in general, look at news networks and what high caliber celebs marry in terms of black men. What kind of sista(or non sista do you see).

The color problem is too deep to really understand nor totally stop overnight

12 07 2008
roger james

Oh and by making fun of his shortness makes you just as bad as his ignorant ass. People have preferences, you just shouldn’t disrespect someone when preferring that preference nor turn your nose down as them.

There are women who don’t like men shorter than 6ft
There are Brothas who are afrocentric but wouldnt date a woman who is afrocentric
Sistas who will not leave the house without a perm but wouldnt date a black man who has a perm

Sistas may not get with men are darker hue even if his life is on point

Again. So many elements of black life has been seen negative for so long that its now to the point where we are against what we were born to be.

It first I was really pissed with the Yung Berg but considering what I see, read and hear daily I am not surprised. I am willing to bet at least one person in a black family has a color issue of some sort. It doesn’t have to be obvious but more ingrained ignorance.

12 07 2008
roger james

One last thing, I believe black women have more of a disadvantage because if you notice, a man can look any kind of way but if he is successful, he usually gets any woman he wants. Sistas are not as lucky.

Sistas in the entertainment industry are categorized more so then brothas, if she is thick and black, she will be placed as a best friend, loud mouth, nosey woman. If she is lightskinned and shapely, she will be placed as the “whore”, “apple of some man’s eye”, or the historical jezebel. I can go on and on but yall should be fully aware of this.

12 07 2008
Tina Divina

Roger… you gonna diss us for dissing him?? LOL!! Honestly I could two shits about what this dude prefers, but his lack of class and cooth only warrants a jab in the belly with talk of HOW DARE HE!! LOLL!…

on another note, this is a joke filled site, don’t let the humor offend you so easily. =}

12 07 2008
Tina Divina

on another note though Roger, you did have very good points!!

12 07 2008

Thank you for your points Roger, you basically summed it up with “So many elements of black life has been seen negative for so long that its now to the point where we are against what we were born to be.” It’s ironic the same week he made those comments I made a post honoring “The Skin We Are In”, he needs to see the documentary on it to maybe open his ignorant eyes up some. On a side note, this is a joke filled site so one thing you can guarantee is a sarcastic comment from me;). With matters of a barely relevant rapper making incredibly offensive comments…I can’t even be mad because he isn’t important enough to get me to that level, although of course his comments shows so much about how there is still ignorance in our own people on matters of skin tone.

12 07 2008
roger james

To Ms. Tina D.:

Yeah you are right, I need to loosen up lol. I don’t want be uptight all the time. This is the first time I hit this site up.

To lipsticklacebrassknuckles:

The only way we could wash away or relieve our selfhate is through our kids. That has to start at a young age, we can’t wait till they are teens or even when they are in the 6th grade. When I have kids I would like to fill my home with positive aspects of our culture through positive artwork(i am a artist) and also on the way my future wife is treated and women in the family. Like Andre Agassi said a ways back “Image is everything!”
If a child can’t see it, they tend not to believe it so they can’t follow it.

12 07 2008

I get so tired of black men feeling like there shit don’t stink. Who are they to feel as though they are Supreme. The black woman was made for him, but he’s to dumb to appreciate what God made especially for him. I say that Yung Berg is lost just like so many other brothas out there. We sistas come in all shades and hues. We range from snow white all the way to midnight marauders. We are the baddest creatures that will every walk this earth. Your just playing yourself if you choose to exclude us just because the shade of our skin. Look at obama! He know whats good..

12 07 2008
roger james

to JillianRemil:

One kat made an illadvised comment and you jumping on black men. You are talking about “they” this and that. You are worried over what an ignorant hiphop artist says??? Don’t defend what sistas have, you know what you personally have don’t let one lost soul get your flustered. No woman has to justify anything, you are what you were made to be Like I have stated before, color in the black community has always been a problem and will forever be. Not surprised at all what he said. Black men NOT ALL think similar to yung berg. There are black women who think like young Berg. I am willing to bet you may have fam that have some kind of color preference. It may not be overt but its there. NO person of color who is born in this country escapes racism or color discrimination EVEN AMONGST ARE OWN KIND. We all have preferences but to disrespect a entire group of women that is more of a internal thing with him. I feel more sorry for his mother who is darkskinned let alone a mother of color.

12 07 2008

[…] date women darker than me. I love the pool test. If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are…Succotash Recipes in the Yahoo! DirectoryYahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to […]

12 07 2008
Bryan W.

What in the hell is wrong with WE as BLACK PPL?!! Why does skin complexion so define a person? Just b/c someone is of a darker hue than you are speaks nothing of them, of their intelligence, etc. Everyone has their preferences but this skin complexion business is on some real petty ish. For real. What ever happened to the saying, ‘Black is Beautiful’? Peace.

12 07 2008
Kean R

I am going to get a lot of flack for saying this but is Young Berg’s comments really that serious? I thought it was quite humerous that he prefered light-skinned butts over black butts. Since I find the humor in everything, I pretty muched laughed my ass off, but then again, if I saw an old woman tumble down the stairs and strangle herself with her cane, I probably would find the ironic humor in that too!

13 07 2008

well, that’s his problem, he sure is not going to get anything accomplished with his lil honey made of skin and bones name Jasline from ANTM! She can’t even speak english, so lets really see how their cultures clash and mesh! what is their baby going to look like? when he said that thing about the pool test, he was condoning Jesus in a way. I love my proud hair because it is just like Jesus’ hair. The bible said his hair was just like lamb’s wool! He reminds me of Nelly’s dumb ass! Remember on Hip hop vs. America when he said that comment about 19 year old girls saying we all think a certain way. These rappers can’t think outside of the box, that’s why many of them don’t even own half of the shit that they have!


14 07 2008

just stumbled upon this blog —


why do you find one man’s opinion so offensive?

he’s not saying he hates them or thinks they’re lesser … just that, sexually (from what i can tell), he doesn’t prefer them. the “im racist” comment is only half made in fun… it’s not like he wants to pull darker women over more while they’re driving. not *that* kind of racist …

ive said that preceding a comment about black women too … in that, being italian-hispanic, im racist … i can’t seem to stand white women anymore and i think i *only* like black girls…

im so bad. i have a thing for atlantan black females …

the comment was made jokingly but causing offense with others, i dunno, i personally don’t get too worked up over what some no-named rapper *prefers* to take to bed.

that’s just me.

no offense.


(you’re cute)

3 10 2009

@ Jillianremil —you sound just as ignorant as Young Berg! “we were made for them”??? what kind of sh*t is that — we were all made for eachother. And as far as black women being the baddest creatures com on!! All races think they’re the baddest. I’m balack and latina– shit I think I’m the baddest!!!

8 04 2011
6 06 2012
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