The Skin Your In….

8 07 2008

My caramel brown skin represents me but also my history and those who came before me and will come after. They were all shades and beautiful. I honor, love and take pride in my skin because of them.” ~Sanaa Lathan

A 20 minute documentary narrated by Sanaa Lathan called Vaseline Skin Stories debuted this past weekend at the Essence Film Festival. The documentary features narratives of people across the World as they express how their skin relates to their lives and answers the question “what does your skin mean to you?”

This reminds me of the short documentary A Girl Like Me from a few years ago but instead takes the direction that skin “unites us”.

I thought about the Vaseline Documentary a few days ago when I came across this amazing Flickr page that highlights black history through magazines. I can’t even express how much I love looking at old images, not only because it reminds me of my Grandmother’s collection of old magazines and pictures, but because I love imagining the stories behind a simple picture. Make sure to click the link for magazine scans from issues of various magazines including Jet and Hue.

I love that the pictures are subtly sexy and truly show each woman’s beauty while remaining classy.




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