I envy you Devon….and not because your a model..

13 06 2008

Look out for a new feature I want to add to feature magazine spreads and ad campaigns I like. I can’t promise how often I will post them as you can see consistency is not one of my strong points. “Video of The Week” turned out to be video of the random week day and “That Chick of The Week”…..let’s just say it’s been a mighty long week lol.

I can’t even say I have been busy with my move anymore because that was like two months ago, so I blame Andre Leon Talley. Why not he took the blame for Jennifer Hudson’s Oscar dress so he can take the fall for this too.

Check out Bella Beat for more on one of my favorite photographer,Terry Richardson’s newest series for Tom Ford (On a side note…cause I always have them, google Terry’s work, his site doesn’t do him justice in my opinion). I would love to post it but NFWS doesn’t begin to describe it. For the record, I love love love it. Like I’m a four year old for curse words, I’m also no better than a horny 14 year old boy for ads, fashion spreads and photography with nakedness(is that a word?).

Anywho to start here is a beautiful spread of model Devon Aoki from Vogue Nippon titled One Day In Tokyo.

If you didn’t know, Devon is heir to Benihanna. Why couldn’t I be heir to something like that? As much as I love to eat….if someone gave me Beyonce’s lifetime Popeye’s chicken card that would be enough for me to quit work, live on the beach and eat biscuits and legs for the rest of my life.

Can I get an heir to Harold’s Chicken…Robinson’s…..Uncle Remus…something! Please excuse me, as you can see I’m in desperate need of Chicago food. Sorry to any LA readers but Roscoe’s just doesn’t cut it. Back to my point…damn I lost it. Something about a 6 wing meal with extra mild sauce and a Strawberry Crush. No, Devon’s spread. Here ya go….

(Image Source)




2 responses

13 06 2008
Pamela E.

I might be getting some harolds over the weekend.. I’ll suck the bones and lick the mild sauce off my fingers and think of your fondly sweetie..

ha. ha . ha.

14 10 2008

i like the first dress a lot…i think it would be cool as a wedding dress, worn the right way.

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