Yay or Nay: Chanel Gun Heel

20 05 2008

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The fact that I frequently say “If I don’t get my hands on a pair of these shoes I’m going to shoot someone” must have been overheard by Karl Lagerfeld for these shoes that debuted for his Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection a few days ago. I was on the fence about them, but after seeing this picture I actually like them in silver….the combination of the double C logo bag and pistol heel was too much for my cynical, jaded heart to bear. After all they have dual purposes, you can look cute with your bag and if anything jumps off you can pistol whip someone with your shoe.(Let me stop, if anything jumps off I would either turn Reggie Bush and hurdle my way out of danger or just faint).

Seeing this pair up close I think they look like the unfinished shoe you can buy for prom and take somewhere to have it stained to match your dress. I’m sure the girl that was banned from her prom for looking like Diamond from Player’s Ball wished she had on these that night.

On a side note, I was so happy to see Jourdan Dunn walking this show.

For tons of pictures from the show…click here.




36 responses

21 05 2008

No… No.. No.. and No.. lol.. Just no..

i can’t take those.

28 05 2008

yes! they’re very creative.

13 06 2008

Those Shoes Are BOSS, I Would Definately Get Myself a pair!

1 10 2008

I NEED these shoes.

5 10 2008

the black an’ white ones are rad.
the other ones are kinda nasty.

13 10 2008

Love Them! Can’t Wait To Buy Them

14 10 2008
Grazia Nieuws | Grazia

[…] was geheel in het zwart gekleed en droeg daar bij dus een paar Chanel schoenen uit de zogenaamde Cruise collectie van 2009. Die schoenen mogen met recht killerheels genoemd mogen […]

16 10 2008

I would rock them !!!

16 10 2008
bo bo

you guys suck

25 10 2008
Dharma Diablo

I can see it now.
‘Shoe shipment destroyed. Possible terrorist link.’

How do you think airport security would handle those?

I’m just saying!

25 10 2008

As one of the minion of laid off workers whose unemployment is about to expire and who is languishing under a mountain of rejection letters (many are jobs that were cut between the time they were posted and the time interviews were to begin), I believe these shoes just might be the perfect dress-for-success interview shoes. LOL!

26 10 2008

the NRA would sure approve

26 10 2008

Uh, no. Those look stupid. They’re up there with crocs and over-sized sunglasses as far as fashion trends that make no sense, and will likely be regretted by all who got sucked into those absurd trends.

26 10 2008
Chanel Gun Heel | VOTE FOR ME

[…] Chanel’s gun shoes Bookmark.this.pageSubscribeDiggdel.icio.usFacebookStumbleUpon […]

26 10 2008

Those shoes are kick ass and I so want them. Though I’m not sure if having gun heels sends across a good message. Guns are something that should be avoided as they are a symbol of violence. I think it’s a bad thing when guns become fashionable and trendy.

26 10 2008
Killer heels « lying for a living

[…] am hopelessly behind the fashion curve. Chanel’s gun-heel shoes came out in May, and I’ve only learned about them today. I could have used them on my book […]

27 10 2008
Chanel gun heel - The WebZappR

[…] above, the gun heel from the Chanel Cruise 2009 collection. Chanel Gun Heel (Thanks, Michael-Anne […]

28 10 2008


7 11 2008

I love these shoes they might cause a problem at an airport security check but thats only if your stupid enough to where them there. They are really cute though!!
and I’m kinda preppy so thats saying alot.

4 12 2008

Can i just say that those shoes are KILLER! I sooo…… want a pair.

8 01 2009

i cant stand people who cant recognize style (yeah those two people who said these shoes sucked)
hey,go back to your martha stewart living and your crocs.
leave the good stuff and the opnions for the ladies who know what looks good.

12 01 2009

TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very original

7 02 2009

where r these shoes where do i buy them and how much some one help!!!!!!!

11 02 2009

omg! i love these shoes, they are amazing! i dont know if i like the black or silver more, but i do know i want a pair as soon as possible!!

10 04 2009

damn love these shoes where can i get a pair wanna get it for prom


10 04 2009

these shoes are soooo YaaaY love them.(L)

hav,to,hav, THEM 😀

10 04 2009

i need n want a black pair asap where can i get them 😀

25 08 2009

i wish i could afford them!

6 10 2009

I don’t like them. Thee is too much gun violence in the world. Too many young men dying. I can’t think of one person who loves clothes and shoes and boots more than I do. These I can do without.

8 02 2010

does anybod know how expensive they are?


29 07 2010

i love them

29 07 2010
MiM Guyvor

um NOT a heels person, cuz i DONT c the NEED 2 kill Ma feet 2 look cute, but i WUD BUY THOSE n *ALL COLORS 4 Ma SIZE (10)!! i wud get a (10.5) just 2 have sum room 2 play wit. plz bring’em 2 a STORE NEAR ME!!
-Norfolk(757), VA Conquering LIONNESS on the RISE!!

21 12 2010
17 01 2013
Madonna letterlijk op Killerheels « Elke dag! - Grazia.nl

[…] uit, was geheel in het zwart gekleed en droeg daar bij  en paar Chanel schoenen uit de zogenaamde Cruise collectie van 2009. Die schoenen mogen met recht, vanwege de opvallende hakken, killerheels worden […]

24 01 2013
Madonna letterlijk op Killerheels « Showbizz | Elke dag! - Grazia.nl

[…] uit, was geheel in het zwart gekleed en droeg daar bij  en paar Chanel schoenen uit de zogenaamde Cruise collectie van 2009. Die schoenen mogen met recht, vanwege de opvallende hakken, killerheels worden […]

4 07 2013
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