That Chick…..The Originators

3 03 2008

I have been in love with Vanity 6, Apollonia 6 and all of Prince’s proteges since I was little….little like too young to walk around singing about doing it on the limousine floor….but I still turned out ok….(rethinking that comment…this explains everything).

More than 20 years after Purple Rain’s release, you can still see the influence of Vanity, Prince and Appolonia in videos like Sexual Eruption by Snoop….making me not feel so bad that I still play the hell out of Nasty Girl and Sex Shooter like its still 1984.

Although I may not go out of the house in a tuxedo jacket and a teddy, I still love the 80’s glam that both Vanity 6 and Appolonia 6 are known for.

The name Vanity came from Prince saying lead singer Denise Matthews reminded him of looking in the mirror at a female version of himself…..heels and all I’m guessing.


The 6 came from the 3 members breast count……….yes, if Prince is not a freak I don’t know who is.


Right before the filming of Purple Rain, Vanity left the group, leaving the role to Appolonia. 

My favorite picture of Vanity 6…80’s glamour at it’s best.

Vanity 6 in their signature lingerie.

Appolonia rocking signature gloves and a corset.




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