That Chick…..The Originators

25 02 2008

Most kids are afraid of clowns, monsters, the dark and so on……but when I was little, it was Ronald McDonald(any man in white face and a James Brown wig just ain’t right), Thriller….and Grace Jones. She just seemed like she would eat kids for fun.

It wasn’t until I got older that I started to realize there was something kinda fly about the androgynous  person with the piercing(crazy) stare.  Then, after she repeated “p*$sy” in Boomerang, I knew she was alright with me.  Then, the fact that she was banned from Disney World for showing her breast/chest..(I dunno whatever she has going on in there), I decided she was forever added into my list of bad b*#ches.

So while I can’t say I’m ready to get a Patrick Ewing box and start wearing chandeliers as headwear, I still respect Grace as a fashion icon for her fearless, I don’t give a f#%k attitude and always daring and gender bending style.  You can call her a lot of things….crazy, scary, weird, strange…..but in the sense of a fashion icon….the one word that has to come to mind is fierce.

Giving that famous fierce stare while getting fitted by designer Azzedine Alaia…The King of Cling

One of her more softer looks that is still sultry and sexy

One of many edgy photos taken by photographer Jean Paul Goude, who made Grace his muse

Her Island Life album cover by Jean Paul Goude is one of her most famous

Another one of her many works by Jean Paul Goude that showcases her comfort with pushing the envelope

Giving that stare on her Portfolio album cover

Wearing her famous shoulder pads….as a child this is the exact look that scared the HELL out of me…but now its my favorite.

And obviously one of Erykah Badu’s who recreated the Nightclubbing album cover.

One of my favorite moments of Boomerang where Grace fittingly pushes her perfume, correctly named with the perfect name, Strange’.

So what current fashionista is channeling Grace?  Although there are women that may follow in some of her footsteps such as Naomi Campbell  who is known for her anger problems and Erykah Badu who is known for not being afraid to try new looks….there has yet to be a woman that has pushed the envelop of androgyny like Grace….which means that todays children can have sweet dreams unlike I did due to waking up in cold sweats after having a nightmare of her in the Private Life video.




One response

26 02 2008

She is the “Queen of Androgyny!!” And her brother is my pastor…lol..Bishop Noel Jones…Yeah her bro is a preacher…hilarious…

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