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12 02 2008

“The nonstop elegance of Bianca Jagger in the ’70s — a frothy mix of luxury, glamour and attitude.”~Badgley Mischka

Being fashionably late to a party is cool and all, but showing up on a white horse has to go down as the best entrance to a party that I have ever heard of. The only thing that could top that is Britney showing up to a club to battle Justin Timberlake (why wasn’t there youtube then!).

A self proclaimed “unintentional” style icon, 70s jet setter and Studio 54 regular Bianca Jagger was proclaimed a style icon after famously showing up for her 30th birthday party at Studio 54 on a white horse.

She is also known for her then daring wedding day suit…because she was just too fly for a dress.. that oozed sex appeal with a plunging neckline sans a bra.

The Yves St. Laurent shirtless suit worn for her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger was unintentional….Bianca opted to go shirtless because she was pregnant at the time….with Jade Jagger.

Badgley Mischka’s Fall 2008 collection was inspired by Bianca proving intentional or not, she is a true fashion icon.

So what fashionista is channeling Bianca Jagger today? I would have to say because she is not afraid of plunging necklines and wore one of the most talked about dresses in fashion history….one of my favorites…Jennifer Lopez.




One response

12 05 2008

ummm wow in the pic with the black hat I thought that was Rosario Dawson

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