That Chick…..The Originators

6 02 2008

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”~Coco Chanel

A fashion icon stands the test of time, takes risks creates and perfects a signature look and influences others in doing so.

I’ll have to get back to you to answer who would be a fashion icon relevant right now…but I can say there are a lot of fashion forward entertainers that are killing it and always come with a new look that keeps you wanting more.  I plan to feature women that to me stand out for their fashion sense and have potential to one day hold the title of a fashion icon, but in the mean time, want to feature women that one way or another have already left their mark.

Lets start with a woman that may not influence anyone except a drag queen in Las Vegas now…but at one point in time….was “That Chick”

Mz  Love hangover herself, Diana Ross.  Now…. before I lose you, please forget anything of the likes of this…..

And remember when Diana was looking more like this….

Forgot she had it like that huh!

So who is “That Chick” that is emulating Diana today?……Easy…….




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