Welcome…Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself..

2 02 2008

Welcome to my page….my THIRD page in THREE weeks! They say the third times the charm, and I obviously took this a little to literal. Long story short, I misspelled the address to the first page(and I’m a former teacher…smh) and just didn’t like the lay out of the second, so I’m giving it another try and one way or another will make it work. So in the mean time, imagine one of those construction signs up saying to please excuse my dust as I figure what I’m doing here.

Anywho, I’m so excited about my blog because of the direction I hope to take it. I frequent blogs at work(did I just say that out loud) and go from fashion blogs to music blogs to urban entertainment blogs throughout the day to keep me sane, so I figured since I spend so much time on other peoples blogs, why not start my own!

I’m a very complex person that cannot place my particular interests into a specific category because they are so diverse. I appreciate art in the form of Fafi, fashion in the form of eclectic sneaker heads to fashionistas and trend forecasters, music in the form of classic hip hop in Tribe Called Quest, neosoul in Jill Scott, R&B in Beyonce, Rap in T.I., Jazz in John Coltrane,New Wave in J*DaVeY, rock in The Doors, Underrated Artists like Eric Roberson and Alice Smith….and so on and so on.

Basically to sum me up, I’m a young, educated hip hop head in heels that hopes to bring to you my witty bantering on urban pop culture and entertainment, fashion forecasting tips at AFFORDABLE PRICES, new artists, products and movies you have to know about, advice and positive ways to better your mind, money, future and relationships, and everything else that I feel like….cause this is my sh*t! LOL! So enjoy, make yourself comfortable, save me as a favorite, and check back frequently as I plan to update a lot as I learn what I’m doing here!




2 responses

13 05 2009

Glad that I came across your blog!

15 05 2009

Awww why thank you, I’m glad you did too and hope you keep coming back through=}

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